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Bruce Lee Roll

Spicy tuna, cucumber, topped with albacore, avocado, shrimp tempura, jalapeno, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, tempura flakes

Sashimi Roll

Tuna, salmon, albacore, avocado, wrapped in cucumber topped with ponzu sauce & negi

Crunch Roll

Shrimp tempura, snow crab, cucumber, avocado, rolled in tempura flakes, topped with unagi sauce

Hama Hama Roll

Spicy ground hamachi, cucumber, yamagobo, topped with seared hamachi, jalapeno, ponzu sauce

Pork Gyoza

Japanese fried dumplings

Chirashi Bowl

Fresh Poke Bowls: Sushi-Inspired Delights

Fresh Poke Bowls: Sushi-Inspired Delights
Indulge in fresh sushi poke bowls. Enjoy customizable options with fresh fish, rice, and vibrant toppings. Try our signature tuna poke bowl or create your own with salmon, avocado, and spicy mayo. Experience the best poke bowls in town.

Convenient Delivery and Pickup Options for Sushi Delights

Convenient Delivery and Pickup Options for Sushi Delights
Craving sushi? Order online for poke bowls. Enjoy convenient delivery or pickup options for fresh sushi delights. Indulge in mouthwatering sashimi, nigiri, and specialty rolls from the comfort of your home. Satisfy your sushi cravings with our hassle-free delivery and pickup services.

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